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director: Geert de Jong

theatre group: Toneelgroep de Appel

role: Sharon

5.51am. Five people are sitting in a waiting area at an airport. The voice from the speakers reports that all flights are cancelled until further notice. The passengers do what everyone is doing while waiting: they read and watch. But the wait takes a long time. As time passes, they get the opportunity the contemplate all kinds of things and to observe the other passengers. They get lost in thought about themselves, their small desires, their grief and their past. The separation between reality and fantasy fades. Then, after hours of waiting the announcement comes: “All passengers are requested to proceed to their gates”. They stand up and leave. Do they greet each other when they leave? Five actors – four women and one man – make a kind of circle dance. A performance in which ordinary people with their ordinary needs are forced to spend long hours with each other due to unforeseen circumstances. What impact does this time have? A performance in which silence and imagery in a minimal form have a big impact.


cast: Hubert Fermin, Rick Nicolet, Judith Linssen, Isabella Chapel and Jessica Zeylmaker

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