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director: Jori Hermsen

theatre group: TG Sonja

role: Jenna

The play Demonen (Demons) introduces the audience to Frank, Katarina, Jenna and Thomas, four individuals who are in constant battle with themselves over the right to express their true identity, love for others and for what it means to be alive.

Lars Norén is considered one of the world´s most prominent, and most internationally played, contemporary play writers. The dramatic and melancholic work by Norén has led him to being viewed as the new symbol for the “Swedish melancholy” – following in the footsteps of artists such as August Strindberg and Ingmar Bergman.


written by: Lars Norén
edited: Karst Woudstra
cast: Raoul Copier, Wendell Jaspers, Jessica Zeylmaker and Martijn van der Veen 

photos: René den Engelsman & Moon Saris

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