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director: Jori Hermsen

theatre group: TG Sonja

role: woman B

"Impressive ' anorexia scene ', well performance on eating disorders by Theatergroep Sonja (Theatre Group Sonja)." (Metro: 15-03-2011)


“Honger” (Hunger) is a theatre performance written by author Annemarie Slotboom and director Jori Hermsen about the fight of a woman with her identity and the desire to be perfect for a world that is obsessed with physical beauty. In a monologue played by three women, she tries to get a grip on her eating disorder by exploring how her illness began for both herself and the audience. However, delusions and obsessions always lead her astray. Now she has finally found peace in a strange kind of total starvation: she will never eat again. She is lethargic, occasionally delirious and, according to the doctors, no longer in control of herself. Despite all this, there is a voice inside her that wants to live, that has dreams and desires. It's eat or be eaten.


Written by : Annemarie Slotboom

Cast: Catrien van Boxel, Jessica Zeylmaker en Lidewij Mahler

Foto’s: René den Engelsman & Moon Saris

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