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Lifelong & Happy 

director: Jamille van Wijngaarden

producer: Filmacademie Amsterdam

Role: Snowwhite

Lifelong and Happy is the final exam film project of the class of 2014 of the Dutch Film Academy. It is a detective film with a comedic note and it is set in a village where, in addition to ordinary people, fairy-tale characters reside. In this village six goats have been horribly murdered. The seventh was fortunately able to avoid that fate. Naturally, the Big Bad Wolf is immediately sent to prison, but when the young Detective Michel Prinsschen is sent to the village on his first case, he discovers that nothing and no one is what it seems.


Cast: Tomer Pawlicki, Rein Hofman, Susan Visser, Bart Klever, Charlie Chan Dagelet, Lukas Dijkema, Jessica Zeylmaker, Zeb van Duin.

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