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The four of Westwijk

Avro serie (ZAPP)

director: Barbara Bredero and Camiel Schouwenaar

producer: Waterland Film

role: mevrouw Appelboom

Summer is in full swing at Westwijk aan Zee. The Dutch coastal town is inundated by tourists and everyone is looking forward to the concert by the popular singer Bo Monti. The tickets are sold out in minutes, but the four of Westwijk, Chris, Koesja the dog, Jack and Tessa, manage to sneak into the open-air theatre. They are right in front of the stage when Bo Monti is announced. The audience is very excited, but after the third announcement is clear that nothing is going to happen this night. Bo Monti has disappeared without trace! The Four of Westwijk go to investigate. It turns out that things backstage look quite differently than they look on stage…


cast: Floor Blommestijn , Fleur van der Zon, Stefan Perrier, Ferry Doedens , Catharina Haverkamp, Tygo Gernandt, Jessica Zeylmaker , Marc Nochem, Ian Bok, Mara van Vlijmen, Wim Bouwens, Marijn Klaver, Job Raaijmakers, Romana Vrede, Annelou Ligthart, Lisa Pilon

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